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Taurus Max™Automatic Window

The TAURUS MAX parallel automatic window is the latest addition to the Taurus Max range of security windows and doors.

ATB’s automatic window is the latest addition to the Taurus Max range of security performance windows and doors. The new Taurus Max Automatic Parallel Opening window is ideal for commercial buildings such as offices, hotels, schools and hospitals where improved air exchange and ventilation is important.

Using automatic activators the windows can be operated remotely from a chosen location and can even be linked to an internal management system programmed to open and close depending on a range of options, such as room temperature, CO2 levels, or can be fitted with sensors to close automatically if rain drops are detected.

Automatic activators are available for ATB’s Taurus Max parallel opener and casement. When combined with ATB’s built in glass protection mesh using our unique integral profiles it is possible to provide both enhanced security and versatility within the same system.

Taurus Max™Automatic Window in action

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