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Many vet practices experience security problems at some point or another due to the very nature of the goods stored inside the premises.

Usually entry is via the weakest point, often a window or a door.  Maes Vets in Barry, South Wales, had been targeted by vandals who had smashed the glass in the front entrance door and laboratory window. They had been attacked 7 times in 6 months so finding a product which provided security but was also pleasing to the eye was a desperate requirement.

The boarded up window and door were not only unattractive to customers there was also the risk of the remains of the broken glass within the damaged units causing injury, particularly to anxious pets.

Hammerglass from ATB Secure provides the ideal solution, giving protection to a property’s glazed areas whilst retaining the attractive appearance that you want to portray to your customers.

After conducting a site survey ATB Secure agreed with the client, from a number of possible options, that all the glazing to the front elevation should be replaced with new Hammerglass Double Glazed Units.

The outer pane of the units were Hammerglass (a virtually unbreakable and scratch resistant polycarbonate product), and the inner pane either clear glass or obscure glass for the laboratory and toilet windows where privacy was required. To help reduce costs for the side and rear elevations ATB fitted anti-vandal Hammerglass screens over the existing windows.

This provided the most cost effective solution for the client, giving full protection to the property whilst retaining an attractive appearance.

Maes Vets are very pleased with the result and delighted to be able to avoid the use of obtrusive grills or shutters.

Hammerglass comes in a range of products which are designed to suit a variety of applications:  new builds, conversions and also Add-Ons, where it is necessary to blend in with the existing facade such as listed buildings. 

It can also be used in vulnerable areas of a building where added security is needed, in conjunction with standard products elsewhere, to give a cohesive look but without compromising on design.


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