Security windows
ATB offers a comprehensive range of security products for use in areas which could be vulnerable to attack


ATB offers a range of security windows, doors and curtain walling.

Many premises experience security problems at some point or another, possibly due to the nature of the goods stored inside the premises or due to the location. Usually entry is via the perceived weakest point, often a window or a door. 

ATB offers a comprehensive range of security in areas where the windows, doors and curtain walling could be vulnerable to attack.

ATB’s anti vandal range provides  a versatility of protection for new build, refurbishment and existing vulnerable windows, doors, shop fronts and screens, avoiding the inconvenience and distress of replacing damaged or stolen property, as well as the associated insurance claims.

The anti vandal range has been developed to enhance and compliment the already extensive product range and are designed to blend together aesthetically for a unified attractive appearance, so for example ATB security windows may be used on the more vulnerable ground floor and ATB standard windows on floors above.

About ATB Systems

Drawing on our many years of experience A.T.B. aim to satisfy the needs of customers that require quality aluminium windows and doors, combined with excellent personal service and reliable deliveries.

ATB works across a wide range of applications including the new build and refurbishment of offices, student accommodation, schools and hospitals supplying external windows, security windows, entrance doors and curtain walling.

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